hiturtlepearhi: (Jrock → Alice Nine → Saga: kitto ok!)
Classy ♫ ♪ ~like none of these hoes ([personal profile] hiturtlepearhi) wrote on December 1st, 2011 at 12:36 pm

There was a Friends-cut just now.
We haven't spoken in a really long time, we don't click anymore or never did, jdojas people come and go? :/
If you agree, you can go ahead and cut me, no hard feelings.
If you think I just made a terrible mistake, you can call me on it and we'll see how that goes :)
Still, best of luck to everyone and maybe we'll cross paths around again ♥

on other news:
. i have been mia and owe people a million comments jdpos sorry :(
. i will get to them eventually
. and i will post, too
. hope everyone is well :)
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